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creating mobile energy solutions

We build and manage mobile Apps that seamlessly and securely support your energy management business on the fly. We "enable" you to connect and share information to your customer so they are "enabled" to communicate to you and others.  We provide template enterprise and public solutions and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Looking for standardized mobile interfaces for customer care that can communicate directly with users? Use mobile apps to promote efficiencies and deliver building and energy information in simple manner.  Have you considered apps for maintenance and operations?

  We are a pioneer in mobile energy solutions

We work with enterprise BlackBerry, Apple, Android and cross-platform technologies.


screaming energy app - free for everyone

The Screaming Energy app is available in BlackBerry World, Google Play and the  iOS App Store for free.

We "enable" you to manage property, energy and conservation information then share your information across multiple devices.  With its user interfaces, you can enter energy information yourself or even have it automatically delivered to you.

It's an excellent tool to store, explore, share and analyze your property and energy "footprint".  Have all your energy bills and property information digitally stored in one place, to be viewed, shared and used whenever or however you want.  The platform also allows trusted third parties to develop applications utilizing our APIs to access your energy information.  We are updating this app and adding new features on a regular basis.  Sit back and watch us evolve.

This solution is a sample set of our complete Energy Provider offering and provided free of charge to the end user so they can manage multiple properties across many utilities / energy providers.


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energy provider customer engagement app

Would you like a complete mobility presence for your large or small utility that doesn't interfere with your existing infrastructure but has the capability to integrate as desired? Our mobile application “enables” customer engagements by easily visualizing and accessing information. It directly connects them to you so you can add unique features that "enable" your relationship.

It's easy to use and simple for you to integrate with

Electronic bill delivery and visualization - Enhance your customers’ experience while reducing "cost to service" by creating a secure 2-way mobile communication between you and the customer. We have created an enterprise mobile platform to drive customer satisfaction and allow the delivery of new products and services. Our solution set automatically distributes billing information directly to your customer (residential, commercial, industrial).  Modernize your image while reducing your cost to deliver.  Reduce your customers cost to manage and understand. Allow them to receive the actual billing data for visualization and energy / property management.   Its a win for everyone.

mobile outage management & field support - Just think of a mobile tool where a customer can help manage the grid!  Are you interested in a cost effective way to manage field support and outage reporting? We created a simple mobile app for outage / disaster management and other maintenance reporting.

customer conservation enablement - Need an easy way to promote and manage conservation directly to your customer?  We have a mobile solution that can help.  Made for utilities with a conservation mindset. The solution creates a direct link to help you manage and administrate conservation programs.

See branded customer engagement app for more information or for a live demo, contact us

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

ScreamingPower Why is it so hard to get our energy information? I really don't get it. Innovation can only be achieved when we start sharing.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

ScreamingPower Why is everyone blocking data sharing in energy. Its done in every major industry but energy. We pay for it but have no direct access.

Thursday, 23 July 2015