creating energy strategies

Here at Screaming Power we pride ourselves on evolving innovation in the energy industry. We ARE a part of the solution. It takes working with someone like us to show you the possibilities. Our expertise and strategic thinking is the key to opening the door to the future. From assisting the energy provider to assisting the solution provider or guiding in market development, we provide a service to meet your needs.
Screaming Power believes in the future development of new technologies.

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open standards

The key to a successful market is to manage change. The key to any market is the collection and distribution of data. The key to innovation is allowing new ideas and solutions into the market by reducing barriers to entry. When it comes to creating a strong, agile and evolving marketplace we must look at the creation of standards that meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs. We have the expertise to help and want to share it with you.  Read more

electric vehicle infrastructure

Electric Vehicles are here to stay, but, without an open data EV ecosystem the evolution will be slow. The market will continue to slowly evolve without thinking how the data systems are going to talk to each other in a smart way. We believe in the creation of a standardized infrastructure that is “plug and communicate”. We feel it’s time that we work together to get to a truly open marketplace where parties are not caught in proprietary solutions. Our consortium believes in the market and that it will not properly evolve without thinking of the data first.  Read more

smart grid

For Smart Grid to become a reality we must remove individual interest and rapidly create open standards across the energy market. Without the rapid development of open standards we will continue to waste time, money and effort. We provide you options to assist in breaking through the politics of change. As a consortium of individuals and companies we will work with you to achieve your Smart Grid goals by taking in consideration the needs of today and tomorrow.  Read more


 Screaming Power is assisting in bringing new technology to the Energy Industry.


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ScreamingPower Wouldn't it be nice if energy companies worked together to give u the information u need? All it takes is a controlled move on innovation

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

ScreamingPower When i think of the Utility industry I think of ... energy, MUST HAVE, safety, security. What comes 2 your mind?

Thursday, 13 March 2014

ScreamingPower Interesting article on Smartphones and data security. When integrating smart grid with mobility we need 2 be careful!/cont…

Friday, 07 March 2014

ScreamingPower Itron Resourcefulness Index, reveals 94% of utility executives believe industry needs transformation.80% of consumers want more energy info

Thursday, 27 February 2014

ScreamingPower Funny Seinfeld video on Smartphones… His postal service comments have similarities with r energy industry..ya think?

Friday, 21 February 2014