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We build energy related mobile enterprise software solutions. From mission critical, data intensive applications to Software as a Service, we provide products and services to meet your needs.


Utility Mobile Applications

data data data We have been keeping something secret from you and we are just about to tell you all about it.  Here is a hint ... a complete mobility presence for the utility, branded by the utility to connect to its customers. 


A secure, private solution with standardized data interfaces so customers can manage their own information. The great thing is it is easy to use and simple for the utility to integrate with. 

 Go to for a peek ... more information is coming soon. 

Mobile Outage Management Tool

Smart GridJust think of a mobile tool where a utility customer can help manage the grid.  We created a mobile tool for outage / disaster management and other reporting that creates a one-to-one and one-to-many relationship with the customer utilizing mobile technology. 

Have the customer help the utility in times of need and confusion.

Have the customer help with the grid. Utilities no longer have to do it on there own.  

We created a simple to use and manage tool that minimizes the utility investment to get things "connected".

Find out more information soon. 

Articles & White Papers



Energy And Infrastructure Article - Fall 2013, Leveraging Smart Grid Information

Energy & Mining International Article - Summer 2013, The Energy industry is from Venus Smart Grids are from Mars


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