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  Screaming Energy App  

Enables property, energy and conservation specialists/enthusiasts to enter, view, manage and share energy information from a mobile device.

See our Press Release - February 26th, 2015

 We are a pioneer in mobile energy solutions

We build energy-related mobile software solutions. From data intensive applications to templated "Software as a Service" mobile app solutions, we provide tools to meet your needs.

Looking for standardized energy interfaces for maintenance, operations, and/or customer care?

We work with enterprise BlackBerry, Apple, Android and cross-platform technologies.


screaming energy app

The Screaming Energy App is available on BlackBerry World. Roll-out on other mobile platforms coming soon.

This mobile application ‘enables’ property, energy and conservation specialists/enthusiasts to manage and share their energy information from a mobile device.  This is a great app for commercial and industrial customers that want to manage multiple utilities, across multiple locations.  With its user interfaces, you can enter energy information yourself or even have it automatically delivered to you.

It's an excellent tool to store, explore, view, share and analyse your energy information.  Have all your energy bills digitally stored in one place, to be viewed and used whenever or however you want.  The platform also allows trusted third parties to develop applications utilizing our APIs to access your energy information.

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customer conservation enablement

Open Standards Need an easy way to promote and manage conservation directly to your customer?  We have a mobile solution that can help.  Made for utilities with a conservation mindset. The solution creates a direct link to help you manage and administrate conservation programs.

 What better way to deliver the message to conserve!

Manages applications through the users’ smart phone and online. Creates a direct link to your customer and their facilities (residential, commercial or industrial). Manages the lifecycle of conservation efforts by program or user. Supports third-party consultants and advisor management. Tracks and audits programs.

Inform, manage and track progress of conservation programs - from the user to the utility and third party agents, all in one shared platform. 

mobile outage management & field support

Smart Grid Just think of a mobile tool where a customer can help manage the grid!  Are you interested in a cost effective way to manage field support and outage reporting? We created a simple mobile app for outage / disaster management and other maintenance reporting.

Our solution creates a one-to-one and one-to-many relationship with your customers utilizing mobile technology. 

Have the customer help the utility in times of outages and confusion. Customers are able to report outages or system issues that only an onsite person can see. Have a mobile solution that integrates asset management, GPS and issue management.

We created a simple-to-use and easy-to-manage tool that minimizes technology investment to get things "connected" with your customer. This solution is great for the large and small utility.  The tool can integrate to internal systems or work independently of them.

utility mobile applications

data data data How would you like a complete mobility presence for your large or small utility that connects directly to its customers? Our mobile application “enables” all your customers to easily visualize and access their energy information and connects them to utility.

The great thing about our solution is it is easy to use and simple for the utility to integrate with

This is a great mobile solution for energy providers that want to have more efficient customer communications.  Engage your customers through direct mobile communication with them.

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